Making history at Eco Park

While Eco Park will set the benchmark for sustainability in sport in the 21st century, our project has roots deep in Britain’s ancient past. Literally.

We knew that there was a Roman villa near the location of our new training pitches, so long before construction began, we invited Cotswold Archaeology to carry out an excavation.

What they found was astonishing. Along with coins, pottery and jewellery, 10 burials were discovered including adult males, adult females and children. The skeletons date back to the Roman or early post-Roman period in British history.

The archaeologists believe the remains belong to a family who may have lived in the nearby Roman villa. Analysis of the skeletons and other items will lead to a better understanding of how people lived in the area and the activities that took place here.

The finds, which appear to span two or more centuries, are being handed to a local museum helping people in the community understand more about the history of the area.

Forest Green Rovers chairman and Ecotricity founder Dale Vince briefs the media on the archaeological finds at the Eco Park site.

Eco Park